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Fictional Language News

Did you know that a new language was created for the popular series Game of thrones? The creators of the Dothraki language in the series states that there are almost 5000 new words created that corresponds to different parts of speech.

There have been numerous new languages created and one of the most comprehensive language created for a television show is the Klingon language for the show Star Trek. This is one of the first created language that made its own books and dictionaries. This led to other shows and movies like Avatar to create it’s own complex language system. The Navi on Pandora for the movie Avatar has it’s own functional language system.

These fictional language systems inspired a class to be brought up in the University of California, Sandiego.

10 Lines that we still use that came from William Shakespeare.

“Lie low” – Much Ado About Nothing
“Good riddance” – The Merchant of Venice
“Mum’s the word” – Henry VI, Part II
“Catch a cold” – Cymbeline
“Uncomfortable” – Romeo and Juliet
“Hot-blooded” – King Lear
“Knock knock! Who’s there?” – Macbeth
“Fashionable” – Troilus and Cressida
“Addiction” – Othello
“Full circle” – King Lear

It seems that language is indeed an ever evolving complex system, time is no object when we talk about language since even then, new words are being created as well as now, new words are being created in everyday conversations.

JurgenKlopp’s Spanish translator mishap.

The point of translating a speech or a statement is to be able to express the idea in the idea in the language of the target audience. In translation school, one of the things they teach you is to avoid explaining a statement or speech in the same language that it was spoken.

Of course there are moments that even translators or interpreters slip-up, whenever put in a challenging situation, the training that you received from translation school may be forgotten at times. During a press conference, Europa League semi-finalist, and the spokesperson for the team during the conference, JurgenKlopp had someone to translate his statement to the Spanish press on his behalf.

But unfortunately, the Spanish interpreter was so swept up with the pressure that he made a slip-up during the first part of his translation. He was unable to translate the first statement into Spanish but instead read the first part of JurgenKlopp’s statement in the same language in which it was spoken.

After the slip-up the Spanish translator finally realized his mistake and everyone simply just laughed off the slip-up.

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